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讓您的電腦支援Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 檔案系統

 Ext2Fsd 是一個可以讓你在 Windows (2K/XP/VISTA/7/8) 環境下存取Linux 檔案系統的驅動程序,對於需要存取Ext2/3/4的使用者是一種好選擇。


View and download Ext2Fsd packages:


Express Installatoin with Ext2Fsd installer:

Double click on Ext2Fsd-version.exe to execute Ext2Fsd installer and follow the setup wizard pages to install and configure Ext2Fsd.

To uninstall Ext2Fsd,  just click “Uninstall Ext2Fsd” in start menu, or use Add/Remove programs in control panel to uninstall.  Need restart your computer to get it finished.

Manual installation with Ext2Fsd zip package:

Extract the zip package (Ext2Fsd-version.zip), start a Windows cmd  shell (cmd.exe),  then enter directory “Ext2Fsd\Setup” of the localtion where you unzipped Ext2Fsd package.

Help on ext2fsd setup utility:
 Automatical installation:
  setup install      - automatically check os version and install ext2fsd
 Manual installation:
  setup w2k  i386    - install ext2fsd to windows 2000 x86
  setup wxp  i386    - install ext2fsd to windows xp x86
  setup wnet i386    - install ext2fsd to windows 2003 x86
  setup wnet amd64   - install ext2fsd to windows 2003 amd64
  setup wlh  i386    - install ext2fsd to windows vista, 2008 or win7 X86
  setup wlh  amd64   - install ext2fsd to windows vista, 2008 or win7 AMD64

To uninstall, you can just execute uninstall.bat at the same directory location where you did setup.bat under Windows cmd shell.  Or start  “Add/Remove Programs” in “Control Panel” and select to remove item of   “linux ext2 file system driver” to remove the program.


Linux Google Chrome 瀏覽器 root 帳號 無法開啟

Linux環境下安裝 google 瀏覽器 chrome,root這個帳號預設是不允許開啟使用的,它會跳出如下的畫面:

【Google Chrome 無法以根使用者的身分執行。】


  1. 在執行命令後面增加參數:[root@localhost ~]# /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome -user-data-dir=/root/chrome ,設定相關資料儲存位置
  2. 修改執行檔案內容:[root@localhost ~]# vi /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome 找到下面的粗體字程式片段(應該是最後一行),後面加上 –user-data-dir
    # Always use our versions of ffmpeg libs.
    # This also makes RPMs find the compatibly-named NSS3/NSPR symlinks.
    if [[ -n “$LD_LIBRARY_PATH” ]]; then
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export CHROME_VERSION_EXTRA=”stable”
    # We don’t want bug-buddy intercepting our crashes. http://crbug.com/24120
    exec -a “$0” “$HERE/chrome” “$@” –user-data-dir

擇一修改完成後即可透過root帳號開啟 chrome


CentOS 6.2 支援NTFS讀寫

  1. 首先請至 http://packages.sw.be/rpmforge-release/下載最新版本的rpmforge (有區分32位元與64位元作業系統版本),如:[root@localhost]# wget http://packages.sw.be/rpmforge-release/rpmforge-release.rpm
  2. 安裝下載的rpmforge:
    [root@localhost]# rpm -ivh rpmforge-release.rpm
  3. 特過YUM安裝其他套件:
    [root@localhost]# yum –enablerepo=rpmforge install fuse fuse-ntfs-3g dkms dkms-fuse
  4. 設定開機後即掛載NTFS:
    [root@locahost]# vi /etc/fstab ;加入:
    /dev/sdb1 /home/ntfs ntfs defaults 0 0
  5. 完成